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I am in sports betting for several years and I know plenty of services offering quality analysis, but I am offering something more than just quality analyses. In my case, payment isn’t the same per month but it totally depends on my own success. As I am confident in it, I am prepare to take the risk, which I believe that is really rare in business.


Why am I confident in success and why am I saying that you’re investing smartly, if you’re investing in Footalyct. Remember, first rule is quality over quantity!


I bet that you are wondering about my statistics. Last season in Ligue 1, I made 79,14 units of profit with yield 22,23% and 62,50% win rate! Click here if you want to see every single pick of last season!

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First step to make your balance grow is to join Footalyct professional analyses which covers French Ligue 1. As mentioned profit is guaranteed! All you need to do is to send an email on to get all instructions.


If you are not an experienced bettor you’re free to ask whatever you want. Footalyct PRO is offering consultancy as well. It will help you to understand betting system, use good money-management and mainly to help you to turn this “hobby” into a profitable investment.


In start of new month, you will receive a short conclusion of last month and new monthly plan which will include number of matches, possible international breaks or any other news which are directly connected with Ligue 1.


Analyses and predictions are sent by email. As Footalyct PRO is covering one of top 5 leagues in the world, odds aren’t changing that much, but I advised you to bet as soon as email arrives. Emails are sent several hours earlier, generally even a day or more before the match starts. Predictions are only from base bookmakers with extremely high limits.


Hi! Just find this site. Thanks, very intereresting.

Arzu Veliev

Great stuff mate , you are one of the great tipsters in the industry. Congrats and keep it rollin’ 🙂 I am sure that your results will continue on the same level. Take care.


Certainly you will be on my top 5 worldwide tipsters for a long time to come, thanks!