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Footalyct offers you in-depth analyses and monthly prediction plans with direct consultation and support. With Footalyct, membership might vary per month depending on its growth and success overall. Relying on statistics, we are confident and prepared to take the risk regarding the client base and membership as it has proven successful in the past.


Let us present to you why we are confident in the success of Footalyct, as well as the growth of your personal bankroll and why we are convinced your membership is a smart investment.


We bet you are wondering about the Footalyct statistics: In the first season in Ligue 1, we made 79,14 units of profit with a 22,23% yield and a 62,50% win rate! Click here if you want to see every single pick of the first season.

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The first step towards a growing balance is to join Footalyct professional analyses, which mainly covers the French Ligue 1. As mentioned, profit is guaranteed! All you need to do is send an email to to get started and receive all further details and instructions.


If you are not an experienced bettor, you are welcome to ask any questions and we will always assist and provide you with the needed support. Footalyct offers personal consultancy and support via email at crucial decision moments. We will guide you and help you understand the betting system more clearly, as well as how to practice better money-management. But mainly, we will help you turn your favourite hobby into a profitable investment.


Each month you will receive a summary of the previous month’s statistics together with your new monthly plan and predictions, including the number of matches, possible international breaks and any other news directly connected with Ligue 1.


Analyses and predictions are sent by email. As Footalyct focuses mainly on one of top 5 leagues in the world, odds do not change drastically, but it is still advised that you get to it and bet as soon as you receive our email. Emails are sent out several hours earlier, generally, even a day or more before matches start. Predictions are made from base bookmakers with extremely high limits.


Hi! Just find this site. Thanks, very intereresting.

Arzu Veliev

Great stuff mate , you are one of the great tipsters in the industry. Congrats and keep it rollin’ 🙂 I am sure that your results will continue on the same level. Take care.


Certainly you will be on my top 5 worldwide tipsters for a long time to come, thanks!