About me

I'm a former football player, trained under different coaches, also in the highest division, but I stopped playing due to pretty serious injury. I’ve been always passionate about tactics and my analysis are pretty different than analysis you are used to see. I am trying to predict who will have bigger possession, possibilities of creating chances, on which areas of pitch teams will be in advantage, and which in disadvantage. Calculations are more or less made on average performances of players/teams and because the ball is round I am aware that everything can happen, but sports betting business is long distance run and in long-term, I know that this approach is bringing me good results. Thanks to a friend, I was lucky to get to know the world of arbing. I believe that many of you don't know this word, but it's about sports arbitrage, where you are covering all sides of the bet. You can read more on forum Arbusers, where I learned a lot. Because of it, my knowledge about odds, bookmakers, odds movements, closing odds, is much much bigger. Remember, that knowing just the sports side of sports betting is not enough!
I have been analyzing and making predictions on football matches of La Liga for several years with an average yield around 11%. In October 2016 I decided to publish all of my analyses online in English, that everyone will have a chance to read them. I offered all of them totally for free and you were able to follow my every single step on www.fa-p.eu. The main focus was on French Ligue 1 and stats were amazing. I am following other major football leagues and competitions as well, but the main focus is as mentioned staying on Ligue 1.  

If you want to read more about my way of analyzing matches click here.