I am a former football player, trained by a number of coaches, some of which have remained coaches in the highest divisions today. Sadly, I stopped playing due to a serious injury, preventing me from playing the sport we all love. I’ve always been passionate about tactics and my analyses are different than those most are used to. Thus our team focuses on predicting possession, possibilities of creating open spaces, as well as on which sections of the pitch teams will have an advantage or disadvantage. Calculations are made on average performances of players/teams. We know the ball can roll in any direction and I am aware that anything can happen, however, the sports betting business has a long-term outlook, and this approach has proven successful and delivers good results. Thanks to a friend, I had the chance to familiarize myself with the world of "arbing", which might be unfamiliar to most of you. In short, it deals with sports arbitrage, covering all aspects of the bet. To learn more about this head over to the Arbusers forum, which has been a helpful tool for me. Because of this, my knowledge about odds, bookmakers, odds movements and closing odds has improved greatly over the years. Remember, merely knowing the teams and players is not enough when it comes to sports betting!

I have been analyzing and predicting football matches and outcomes of La Liga for several years with an average yield of about 11%. In October 2016 I decided to publish my analyses online. All of them were on the previous blog site fa-p.eu, different forums as arbusers, punters lounge, etc. with the main purpose of providing everyone a chance to read them free of charge. The focus was on the French Ligue 1 and the statistics were extremely positive. I follow other major football leagues and competitions as well, but the main focus will remain, as mentioned, on Ligue 1.

If you want to read more about my way of analyzing matches click here.