Champions League, Tuesday 12/02

Manchester United v PSG; 21:00

Betting suggestions: Manchester United -0,5 @2,35

Short preview: It’s amazing how quickly things can change in football. Right at the end of the group stages, everyone was saying that it’s gonna be an easy fixture for PSG. Of course, at this moment the coach of Manchester wasn’t Solskjaer, and they didn’t have 10 wins in 11 matches. Solskjaer came in, he changed tactics completely, he gave much more of freedom to players, especially to individually extremely strong players, and this Manchester looks completely different. Of course, the challenge in Champions League is gonna be completely different than others in Premier League, but the fact is that PSG is at this moment in huge crisis when it comes to injuries. And huge doesn’t mean that they will miss plenty of players, but they will miss two key players Neymar and Cavani, and beside them, a very offensive minded fullback Meunier, author of plenty goals (scored, or assisted) this season is out as well. Even with problems, they don’t have serious threats in the league, even though Lyon have shown them, that they are unbeatable, beating them with 2-1 at home. Even without Neymar and Cavani, PSG still have players, who can cause a lot of damage, therefore I do think that we might see some goals here (over 2,5 @1,91 seems solid), but I think that regarding the form of Manchester United, regarding the atmosphere Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has created, regarding the Old Trafford, place which is finally enjoying in football after all the disappointments and defensive football of Jose Mourinho, I think that they have a huge advantage in this first match. I do think, that PSG still have chances to qualify, but I think that they will simply struggle in the final third, where plenty of responsibility, maybe even too much, will be on shoulders of young Kylian Mbappe. I’ve been thinking that PSG have enough quality and experienced defensive minded players and that they might play more cautiously, but coach Tuchel said that they cannot change the philosophy¬†of the club just like nothing and that their main objective is to score on Old Trafford. I do think that it’s possible, but I think that Manchester will score at least one more.

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