Champions League, Wednesday 13/02

Ajax v Real Madrid; 21:00

Betting suggestion: Real Madrid -0,5 @2,04

Short preview: We were able to see how important experiences are in the match between Man United and PSG and when it comes to experiences, there is only a few with a more experienced squad as Real Madrid at the moment. I have to admit that when looking at the match, my first thought was “uhh, Ajax might surprise here, odds should be good!”. And then, when I saw odds around 1,80 on Ajax not to lose against Real Madrid, value jumped on the other side. Giving all the experiences and importance of those in Champions league, in a meeting between Dutch and Spanish club, a club who has won 3 CL trophies in a row, I think that if we are thinking about getting involved in this match, we have to go with Real Madrid. Los Blancos are slowly tempting their form which is very important for clubs fighting in more competitions. February is usually crucial, and it’s very important to arrive in it with solid form. With 4 wins and a draw in Barcelona (1-1), they seem to be very decent at the moment, which we cannot say for tonight’s opponents Ajax. They lost twice in last 5 games, including a huge 6-2 defeat against Feyenoord and thanks to those two defeats, PSV is 6 points in front of them in Dutch Eredivisie. They have a squad with lots of talents, some of them will very soon play for bigger clubs (De Jong has already signed for Barcelona and will move in summer), De Ligt will move almost for 100% as well, and Ajax will look a bit different in next season. Anyway, a bit poor run recently doesn’t mean that Ajax will have no chances today, but regarding the odds, I simply fancy taking Real Madrid.

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