Offer hard to refuse!

I am in sports betting for several years and I know plenty of services offering quality analysis, but I am offering something more than just quality analyses. In my case, payment isn’t the same per month but it totally depends on my own success. As I am confident in it, I am prepared to take the risk, which I believe is really rare in business.

IMPORTANT: Please note that my average stake is 1,45 units! That means that there are no crazy movements and allow you to follow me with a higher amount per unit! Remember that Yield is much more important than units of profit.

Let me explain to you why special:

  • if during the month, we are between 4-9 units of profit, the monthly subscription will stay the same.
  • if profit will be higher than 9 units, the price will be higher by 33,33%.
  • if the month will be negative, your subscription will be extended to the next month FOR FREE!
  • if the profit will be smaller than 4 units, the price will drop by 50%.

Besides that, you can also take the seasonal subscription!

  • if the season finished without a profit, your subscription will extend to the next season. (It never happened)
  • if the season will be interrupted (COVID-19), I will add the exact number of days to the next season.


Seasonal plan!

That I will be satisfied with the season, I need to reach 30 units of profit – that’s my goal! Regarding the average stake (currently) that would be great and with a superior % of yield.
Little calculation: If I will reach 6 units of profit every month till the end of the season, you’ll have 54 units of profit. Even with 20,00 € per unit, that’s more than 1000,00 € of profit for only a few clicks on your bookmaker account.


So if you are a big fish in sports betting, following my analyses with higher stakes, means that your profit can go above 10.000,00 €.