Offer hard to refuse!

I am in sports betting for several years and I know plenty of services offering quality analysis, but I am offering something more than just quality analyses. In my case, payment isn’t the same per month but it totally depends on my own success. As I am confident in it, I am prepare to take the risk, which I believe that is really rare in business.

IMPORTANT: please note that my average stake is 3.1 units! That means that there is no crazy movements and allow you to follow me with higher amount per unit! Remember that Yield is much more important than units of profit.

Let me explain to you why special:

  • if during the month, my statistics is between 4-9 units of profit, the monthly subscription will stay the same.
  • if profit will be higher than 9 units, the price will be higher for 33,33%.
  • if profit will be higher than 21 units, the price will be higher for 66,67%
  • if month will be negative, your subscription will be extended on next month for free!
  • if I profit will be smaller than 4 units, the price will drop by 50%.


Seasonal plan!

That I will be satisfied with the season, I need to reach 60 units of profit – that’s my goal! Regarding the average stake (currently 3,1) that would be great and with superior % of yield.
Little calculation: If I will reach 9 units of profit every month till the end of the season, you’ll have 81 units of profit. Even with 20,00€ per unit, that’s more than 1200,00 € of clear profit (adjusted subscription included) for few clicks on your bookmaker account.


So if you are a big fish in sports betting, following my analyses with 200,00 € or more per unit means that your profit can go above 12.000,00 €.