Uefa Nations League, Monday 15th

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Bosnia & Herzegovina v Northern Ireland

Betting suggestion: Bosnia & Herzegovina -0.5 @1,74

I’ve been looking up to Northern Ireland team totals under 0,5 (@1,99), BiH to win win the clean sheet (@2,10), but let’s make it simple here – and pick the home team to win. Those two teams are in the same group, but regarding the quality, we cannot compare them. True, that we have extremely talented but not that well-organized team on one side and extremely disciplined on the other, and that we’ve seen many times that matches like this ended with surprises, but I cannot imagine this scenario here tonight. Bosnians, not just that they have a quality advantage, they also have huge experience advantage on their side, with players like Džeko, Pjanić, being key players in their teams in Serie A, while the team of Northern Ireland is majorly filled by players from the 2nd strongest league in England with some exceptions. Can those few players make the difference? I don’t think so. The only way, Northern Ireland can hurt Bosnians is with 0-0 draw, but I expect that Bosnia who have already beat them away, will do it once again at home. Solid odds on BiH -1 at 2,45 as well!


Spain v England

Betting suggestion: Spain -0,5 @1,70

Without a doubt, that will be the most interesting match this evening and even if I think that England will become stronger than what we were used to seeing in past years as they are developing better football, where it won’t be that much on physicality, 2nd balls, and long balls, but I think that they will need time for that and besides, John Stones, who will, in my opinion, be or already is the key factor for the way of play is suspended for today’s match! Besides John, out are also Alli, Henderson, Welbeck, Rose,… and their opponent will be the team who mastered football, England is eager to play years ago. After collapsing on World Cup, Enrique took the team in his hands and even though he obviously has some problems with some players – one of them looks like is Jordi Alba from Barcelona, they do play efficiently right now. Even though there should be a big difference between Spain and Wales, I didn’t expect that big difference in score and it could be even more. Paco looks like a new player since he joined Borussia, he is scoring constantly and if Enrique will finally find the number 9 of Spain, their national time might shine once again as they have one of strongest squads in the world right now. Interesting bets are also Spain half-time/full-time with odds above 2,50 and Spain to win the first half @2,25.


Iceland v Switzerland

Betting suggestion: Switzerland -0,5 @1,94

I’ve been talking about Iceland last time, and even though they almost surprised World Champions a few days ago in Guingamp, where Mbappe scored the late penalty to equalize on 2-2, I think that nothing has really changed. They aren’t the side, capable of playing in the toughest group in the World and they will soon go out of it. Switzerland showed some very decent performances, especially against Belgium I have to admit that I expected an easier win of Red Devils. Remember, that the first match between these two finished with 6 goals of difference and it should have been even more as Switzerland missed several very good chances, while Iceland failed to do any kinds of harm. Of course, I am not expecting the same scenario, but the fact is that the story of Iceland is slowly vanishing. They still have a side, who can make an upset, but I am not sure that they would be the first placed team in B groups, and I am also sure that they would have huge problems with some teams in C groups as well. If Embolo was in the group of Switzerland, I would probably have even bigger confidence in this pick, but even without him, I think that in a current situation, Switzerland will simply dominate and that will be seen on the final result. They are pretty decent when defending set-pieces, when defending counter-attacks, so I think that Iceland will once again have huge problems to compete…

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